Self Confidence

We all want our children to grow up with self confidence.

We want them to be strong enough to handle whatever life has in store for them. We want them to have friends, to be able to get what they want, to fulfill themselves and to chase their dreams.

Some of these abilities derive from having self confidence. Sure there are circumstances we can’t control, but we can control how we deal with them. 

At toddler age, self confidence is important to making friends, understanding boundaries, developing creative skills, distinguishing right from wrong.

How do you instill self confidence? How do you raise a confident child? There’s no one way to do it. Here are some things to think about:

Lead by example.

Most of us aren’t blessed with natural self confidence. A lot of the time we have to fake it. But I still think a child will pick up on insecurity. If you are in the presence of your child and the situation demands it, try acting calmly and confident. For instance approaching a stranger. 

Encourage confident behavior.

If you see your child going on the swings with another child, or sharing their toy, command them for that. If you witness the opposite situation, where your child is reluctant to join a game or speak to another child, encourage them positively.

Accept their nature

Lastly, remember that if your child is shy or isn’t naturally confident, it could just be their nature. Trying to change them probably won’t work.  Like most parenthood issues, there is only so much you can do.

Self confidence is important but so are kindness and humility and other trades, that make your child who they are, and that’s enough.



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