Taking Advice

We like to think as ourselves as different. Everyone has their own personality, point of view, tradition and beliefs. As different as we all are from each other, we do share a major bond – parenthood.

Before you become a parent, you assume that you will have guidance when needed. A parent, a friend, the internet. After you become a parent, everything is new, unclear, worrisome and all seen through a bubble of sleep deprivation. Sometimes you are not as open to receiving advice.

How many of us have received advice as parents? I’m guessing most of us if not all of us. The problem isn’t getting advice when you asked for it. It’s getting advice when you did not ask for it.

People will often offer advice to you without being asked, on some issues that may be perceived as being very personal. Breastfeeding, nappy changing, behavioral issues, sleep training. People often just want to put their two cents in.

What do you do about it? You can always smile and say thank you and move on. You can just let it go. Even if we don’t appreciate the manor in which the advice was given, it actually makes sense. It could end up changing things for the better. If it doesn’t that’s fine too.

Sometimes people just want to help. It’s hard to remember this as we can often interpret advice as criticism. That’s our choice I guess, to get defensive.

Bare in mind that our children are present in this situation.We would like to set an example to them so choose your actions accordingly. Whatever the advice is, it’s just that, advice. Don’t waste your energy on thinking that it’s anything but that. Just let it slide.



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