Parental Instinct

A few days ago, I was sitting in the playground, watching my kids play. I happen to notice a toddler running and falling down, her mum was right behind her and a second after she fell here mum got to her, picked her up, and cuddled her until she calmed down.

Something about the speed of the mum’s reaction got me thinking. We have all done it. Our children fall down. We immediately pick them up into our arms. Don’t stop to think about it. It’s so natural, it’s instinct.

Equally, our children will also run to our arms or signal to us to pick them up, to this safe place. It got me thinking how much of our paternal behavior is based on learning and development, and how much of it is just natural instinct.

I think most parents worry about what king of parents they will be before having children. How will they deal with the difficulty and uncertainty of raising a child? To that we will answer, now as parents, you will figure it out. You relay on INSTINCT a lot of the time, and when you are not sure, there is always people to ask or the internet for research.

It’s truly amazing how much we are led by instinct. Sometimes instinct fails us. It isn’t always clear what to do and we are allowed to make mistakes. That doesn’t mean we should stop trusting our instinct.

I like a draw inspiration from nature. Thinking about parents and their babies in nature I realize we all have one strong instinct in particular, common to all of us. Protecting our babies.

Linking to our survival instinct that is what drives us, whether it’s somewhere in the jungle, or in a playground next to home.



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