When I got pregnant, I use to imagine what my life as a mum would look like. How I would play with my baby, sing to it, read to it. Even before I had my kids, I knew I would surround them with books.

I think books are a special toy, or rather a pastime. They are like no other. They paint a reality, they are new worlds. They color your life and mind with colors you’ve never seen before.

As a child I remember reading a book every day. I remember reading books like Ann of Green Gables and actually being able to see the blooming plum trees in my mind. It was like traveling to somewhere else I’ve never been to.

As an adult, I don’t read as much. I don’t make time for it. But ever so often, I pick up a book and if it’s really good, it’s such a wonderful release. I want that experience for my children, so I read books to them from the start.

At first they just listen, then they get a little bigger, and try to nibble on the book. Around two and a half, they get in to the details, they understand, they follow a story, they have favorite characters, they want to read the same story again and again.

It’s so beautiful to share books with them. Reading Peter Pan 18 times a day is such a small price to pay. Through a story they learn so much; They can learn right from wrong. They can learn social behavior. They can learn morals. There’s usually something to learn from every story.

You can take stories with you anywhere. They are eternal. You can always come back to them. They live in your child’s hearts.



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