Here in the UK, vaccinations start at 8 weeks. sounds early, right?

When it came to deciding whether to vaccinate my children, I  was having a hard time making a decision. There are opinion to both vaccinating and not vaccinating, and supporting research on each side.

As a parent you have to wonder, is this really necessary? The human body is designed to sustain illness and infections, plus some of these vaccinations are for diseases that are unheard of for years, especially in an urban environment. 

Also, I couldn’t help but think about the substances that are being injected to their tiny bodies, and how they are affecting their natural immune system. All in all, I was having a hard time finding reasons to go through with vaccinations. 

To be honest, the main reason I decided to eventually go ahead with vaccinations is fear of ‘what would happen if I don’t’. When it’s your first baby, you try to navigate through all of these decisions. There is a certain comfort in choosing to do ‘the common thing’.

I am no expert. Nor am I saying you should or should not vaccinate your children. I am just saying that being a new parent is hard enough without deciding to vaccinate. It’s hard seeing your baby get pricked with a needle. Sometimes they develop a post vaccination fever, that can go on for a week. Sometimes their immune system is weaker after a vaccination. It’s no picnic. 

This is a very personal choice that parents need to make for themselves. Talk to your GP or doctor, read up online, talk to friends who have made this decision for themselves.

Hopefully you will be comfortable with your decision. All we all want are healthy kids.



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