Looking After Your Toys

My kids have a lot of toys. Or at least that’s how I feel when I collect them every night.

To be honest, it not a huge overload but more a case of a tight space. I got the majority of these as hand me downs and gifts so luckily I didn’t have to get them on my own.

When you’re having a baby, there is some pressure to get certain toys. You know the kind, the soft ones or bouncy ones, advertised by words like brain development. I personally think it’s unnecessary to buy any toys before having a baby.

In those first few months they don’t need toys, and it just takes up space. Plus you’ll get some gifts anyway. There are so many types of toys to choose from. Some toys are better suited for younger ages, and some are for toddlers and up.

I’m no expert and some of these points are pretty elementary however here are some things to think about when getting a new toy.

Safety First

toys are safety regulated and should have a CE marking on them. Here is more information of this subject (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/toy-manufacturers-and-their-responsibilities#safety-assessment)

I would also physically check the toy before giving it. Strech, pull, bend. Just make sure its safe. exclude anything that could fall off it and small parts.

If the toy is painted, ideally check if this paint is safe. Babies put toys in their mouths as we all know.

Always be in the room when your child has a toy. Just in case. I personally prefer wooden toys as oppose to plastic ones. Better for the environment, less toxic, more natural. 

Lastly, a toy can be more than what it seems. A few wooden cubes can make a castle, a little peace of clothes can be a bed. Let your child’s imagination lead them and create new worlds.  



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