I realize this is a highly subjective subject but I did want to share my views on it, as I find grandparent to be so special.

Think about it. No one loves your child like you, right? But grandparents come pretty close. I realized this after I became a mum, beforehand I didn’t particularly think about what it actually means, for your children to have children, and what a powerful and deep connection it must form.

My children are lucky to have their grandparents in their lives, and share a very special bond with them. However as they don’t live in the same country as us, it is a very different bond, which most of the time takes place on Facetime.

It is honestly one of the hardest things for me, not having them close. Missing out on the day to day and of course missing joint holidays and celebrations. It always upsets me a little bit to think about what my kids are missing. not just the actual and very rare help, but just bonding and creating memories.

As our parents grow old it does cross my mind, those precious moments spent together will one day be memories, and I so want them to have as many memories of their grandparents as possible. There is so much they can learn from them, from the people who raised their mother.

Whenever I do see them, I tend not to leave my children and go do something else. My parents would happily look after them, but I too want to spend this time together. Nothing makes me happier them seeing my children playing and spending time with their family.

These opportunities and rare and precious, and I hope my children appreciate them as much as I do.



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