Making Friends

Making friends isn’t easy.

Actually, it’s more of an art form. People really struggle to make friends all their lives. Kids however, seem to have it down. Of course a two year old won’t go about making friends the same way a ten year old would.

I got to witness some lovely interactions between my kids and other kids, even ones who speak in different languages. It doesn’t seem to be a barrier.

Natural play doesn’t require words. But as they get older it does get more difficult. Partly because they may be more selective, and partly because as they get older they become more aware of social restrictions and even become more reserved. Two years olds don’t have that problem. They are open and easy going. I wish everyone could be like that, including me.

As an adult, I struggle with going up to a person and connecting. I am selective about who I trust and who I would like to keep in my life. I get to make small talks with a lot of mums and dads. With the majority of them, that’s as far as it goes. With a small percentage of them, I can say I have made true friends.

How do we teach our children about friendships?

We lead by example. If your child sees you talking to other people they will likely be more willing to do the same.

Talk to them about making friends. Set the boundary between talking to strangers and being friendly to other kids. Children tend to be very welcoming and that’s a precious trade. 

Some social skills are natural, some are learned. Make sure your child has enough opportunities to play and hang out with other kids.

Nurture the friendships your child forms. Set more time together, go on adventures together, create beautiful memories for your children. 



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