How to Shield Them From The Real World

Some days, it’s so hard to remain optimistic. Watching the news, hearing horrific stories. I can’t help but think, I wish I had a protective bubble to keep my family safe from all of this.

As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, evil and misfortune are out there, and some days it is all you see. So how do you keep them safe? How do you separate the bad outside from the safe inside.

I wish I had an answer. On the one hand exposing your children to current and real events can be hard for them, maybe even traumatic. They could even lose some of that innocence. Is that a bad thing? Will they be more prepared for life that way?  Or is it better to keep them a bit in the dark? Let them be kids for as long as they possibly can?

Some kids face life changing challenges at a very young age and are stripped of their innocence. Some kids are luckier. I guess, like most things, it varies.

Here are some points to consider.

you can pick and choose what you think they can handle. Not all at once but selectively start.

Don’t forget to include the good news alongside the bad, balance it out. 

If you are planning to show them footage, talk to them first and tell them what they are going to see. Watch it yourself first before. 

Talk to them at the end of the day about it, answer any questions and offer your support and explanation. 

If something is hard for you to watch, for whatever reason, it will probably be hard for them, as they can read off your body language. 

Lastly, don’t rush it. They have the rest of their lives to learn about news and human nature. If this seems to soon, just let it be.



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